Production for Capsim

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Production for Capsim

Post  Admin on Tue Sep 09, 2008 3:41 pm

No Unit Sales forecast come from the Marketing Screen.
*Production Schedule equals: Sales Forecast - Inventory On Hand.

  • A/P lag and other marketing conditions will adjust the production schedule and be reflected in the "Production After Adj." Raising A/P lag will lower "Production Schedule" number. To increase the "Production after Adjustment" number, increase the Production Schedule number.
*Might have to increase this number to compensate for the "Production After Adjusted"

Buy/Sell Capacity - 1st shift capacity can be adjusted up/down by entering values in "Buy/Sell Capacity" cell (takes affect after 1 year). Entering a "negative" number will sell capacity (takes effect immediately - this year). Note: Capacity is sold at 65% of product's price.

You can also discontinue entire product by using a negative number of what you started with. Discontinued items sell at 50%.
Buy/Sell: Entering "0" returns 1st shift capacity to starting position.

Automation: you can increase automation but we will incur investment cost. Increasing automation will eventually decrease labor costs. Changing automation will not raise cash.


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